Saturday, 7 May 2011

Earning strategies

Earning Strategies
Generating advertising money with the strategies I
described above is possible, and some bloggers
make enough with it to live comfortably.
Limiting your blog to being a source of advertising
revenues would be a big mistake, however.

Earn with Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”?
Well, it is true. Having a large and responsive email
list is one of the most profitable assets you could
have. Why? Because email is the most direct form of
online communication, as it puts your message right

Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing can and should be used as a
complementary revenue source on your blog.
First of all examine the products and services that
you already use (e.g., books, online applications,
web hosting, gadgets), and check if there is an
affiliate program for them. If there is, write a review
about the products, and use your affiliate links.

Earn with Adsense

Most bloggers experiment with Google AdSense
sooner or later, but very few manage to make
substantial money with it. The reason is simple: CPC
ads do not work on every website.
You need to meet two basic requirements

Common Mistakes

There are some usability mistakes that bloggers
tend to make over and over again. We will list them
here, so that you can use it as a checklist.
No search box: Internet users resort to the search
box whenever they need to find something specific.

Best Content

Best Content
Another priority that you should have is to showcase
your best content to first time visitors. This will
improve their chances of sticking around,

Posting should be ideal

Posting Frequency
When people start blogging, they often wonder if
there is an ideal posting frequency. The answer is
“no.” There are popular blogs out there where the
author only posts once a week, while others get
updated several times per day.

Headlines for Blog

Headlines for Blog
Most copywriters defend that you need to spend as
much time working on the headline as you do on the
rest of the copy. This principle applies to blogs too,
where you need to make sure that your post titles
are as good as they can be.

Blog Should be About

What Should I Blog About?
Choosing the right niche for your blog is tricky. If you
want to blog merely as a hobby, then feel free to
write about whatever you want. The important thing
here is to have fun. If, however, you want to make money with 
your blog and possibly grow it into a business,

Is Realy I make Money by Blogging Step-2

Is It Really Possible to Make Money
The answer is “yes.” makes over
$1,000,000 per year. Popular blogs like, and follow closely.
Obviously most of those blogs resemble mainstream
publications these days, with several paid writers, a

Do I need a Domin and Hosting Step-1

Do I Need a Domain and Hosting?
It is fine to get started on a hosted solution like or They will allow you
to learn the basics of blogging and web publishing
without spending money.