Saturday, 7 May 2011

Is Realy I make Money by Blogging Step-2

Is It Really Possible to Make Money
The answer is “yes.” makes over
$1,000,000 per year. Popular blogs like, and follow closely.
Obviously most of those blogs resemble mainstream
publications these days, with several paid writers, a

specialized sales team and the like, but they all
started with a single blogger writing about his
passion. And you don't need to go to the very top to see the
money. I don't consider myself to be particularly
gifted, yet I make six figures per year online. All that
money can be traced back to my blogs. Some of it
directly, via advertising and affiliate marketing
deals, and some indirectly, via online projects that
were launched thanks to the blogs.
So yes, it is definitely possible to make money
blogging. At his point many people ask: “But is it
easy or quick?” Well, that is a completely different
question, and unfortunately the answer here is a big
“no.” Making money blogging is no different than making
money with any other venture, be it online or offline.
As such, it will take time and require a heck lot
of work. Blogging has several advantages though. It allows
you to write on a topic that you are passionate
about, to work anywhere and anytime, to network
with many interesting people, and it can also
become a real business.

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