Saturday, 7 May 2011

Best Content

Best Content
Another priority that you should have is to showcase
your best content to first time visitors. This will
improve their chances of sticking around,

bookmarking your site and subscribing to your RSS
feed or email newsletter.
There are two ways to do that. The first one is by
creating a “Popular Posts” section somewhere
in your layout (you can name it any way you
prefer). The most common spot for this section is
the sidebar, but there are also bloggers who use the
header and the footer for it.
As for the list of popular posts, you can either
choose it manually and add the links with HTML
code, or use a WordPress plugin like WordPress
Popular Posts to automate the task.
The second option is less intrusive, and it
involves creating an internal page on your
blog that will list your most popular posts. You
could divide the posts by category or month, for
example. Once the page is ready, simply link to it
from the main menu (calling the link “Best of”, for
instance) or from the sidebar. To create a better
visual effect you could also use an image instead of
text to link to that page.

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