Saturday, 7 May 2011

Earn with Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Ever heard the saying “the money is in the list”?
Well, it is true. Having a large and responsive email
list is one of the most profitable assets you could
have. Why? Because email is the most direct form of
online communication, as it puts your message right

in front of people. If on top of that you manage to
build relationships with your subscribers, you will be
able to leverage your list for a wide range of
purposes, from driving traffic to your website to
selling affiliate products.
The takeaway message here is: start building
your email list or newsletter as soon as
possible. There are some free services for email
marketing available, but since getting emails
delivered is a critical issue (due to spam problems) I
recommend that you pick a paid service. Three
reliable companies that offer email marketing
services are Aweber, iContact and
Once your list is ready to go, start experimenting
with different techniques to get people subscribing,
and focus on building relationships with them.
For the content part, try to send one message every
week, or at least one every fifteen days, and make
sure to add valuable information in every email you

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